Udo Dittmann Photography

the (so called) city house in Leipzig while looking down this special shaft my head is spinning :-) ok, i have already two photos from this lighthouse in my 500px gallery :-) and i have hundreds of images from it on my hard disk - because i try every year to get a better capture from Lyngvig Fyr - this image is brand new and first time i used my Canon 5D MkII and a 12-24 Sigma lens - please forgive me :-)) the famous castle of Schwerin with the amazing castle garden sky view - captured in the city of Leipzig another patio in the beautiful city Leipzig the 'sky view' from the 'Mädlerpassage' in Leipzig an abstract multi storey car park these are the four towers of the VW car factory - i thought about the two towerrs from 'lord of the rings' :-)) my interpretation of the traditional bullfight arena from Ronda / Andalusia as 'little planet' in the last 3 weeks we visited the beautiful Andalusia and i brought about 1.500 photographs from our holiday trip back to Germany. This is my first edited photo. I would show the arabian architecture in combination with a typical Andalusia town - so everybody can "feel" the spirit of Andalusia - and i hope that people will love my idea. a few minutes after sunrise i could capture this peaceful photograph from the lake 'Schloonsee' in Bansin/Usedom/Germany. the pier of Bansin/Usedom/Germany in the blue hour end of may the weather was fine here, the sky was blue and all the fields were yellow - 3/2 view a cold summer evening at 'Steinhuder Meer' the colors of the summer - a field of poppies with green trees in the background and a blue sky not Palm Beach :-) but a palm beach in Andalusia/Spain a perfect evening at 'Steinhuder Meer' this sleeping dog i captured in Andalusia / Spain

(after this - i'll have a 500px break for a while too) the raccon is feeling comfortable in the old scurf Udo Dittmann on 500px